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5 Reasons Why Publishers Choose to Work with ePublish

ePublish offers an affordable solution for publishers to convert existing ‘print ready’ files into fully responsive content. The result is a very strong digital reader experience that works across all platforms and screen sizes.

Publishers can experiment with the mobile publishing opportunity, as ePublish offers edition based and continuous publishing feeds in order to make app content more engaging, no additional resources are required which means everything dovetails with existing workflows.

Here are 5 reasons publishers like EL Gazette have chosen to mobilise their content with ePublish.

  1. Easy workflow

Publishing your own branded app is easier than you think. ePublish is cloud based, giving you the flexibility to access it anywhere and everywhere. It dovetails nicely with existing teams and editorial processes. No additional resources are required and we hold your hand every step of the way.

  1. The power of automation

Existing articles and content are automatically uploaded from InDesign into our CMS ready for authoring saving you time and money. Our clever plug-in auto tags content based on character styles and flows it into templates we create for you based on your branded guidelines. As part of the onboarding process we talk to you throughout to ensure we meet your needs and you are happy with our services.

  1. Full creative control

After benefitting from automation, you’ll gain full control over how your content looks. Our dashboard gives you a full set of authoring tools for you to enhance your imported content and create the best possible digital experience. Add videos, galleries and animation before publishing your content live. If you don’t have existing content files to convert, you can easily use our tools to create new digital articles from scratch.

  1. Deeper engagement

ePublish allows you to create editions as well as feed based content that can be updated continuously. This can be feed driven (when content is automatically pushed and published to your app whenever your web page is updated). Great for sections like ‘Latest News’. Using this approach, your readers can consume new and updated content, giving them a reason to engage with your app regularly whilst also improving their user experience.

  1. Mobile first

ePublish is a fully responsive mobile publishing solution used to deliver a strong reader experience on smartphones. From a single layout you can create content that also works across tablet and desktop without any additional work. Publish to the Apple and Google Play app stores as well as the web quickly and easily.


Work with ePublish to mobilise your content and reach your audience everywhere.



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