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9 Simple Steps to Mobilise Your Content with ePublish

We understand that most publishers are somewhere on a journey of print for profit and digital for growth. The reality is that the majority of revenues are still made from printed products, yet most traffic and attention has moved to mobile. Did you know that 90% of all mobile time is spent in apps.

Although, a high percentage of this time is spent in social apps, it’s essential to acknowledge that still a large amount of content is distributed on a daily basis across all platforms. Research suggests that people are only able to recall content from their mobile newsfeed with as little as 0.25 seconds of exposure, supporting the fact that that digital audiences now work in milliseconds and grabbing their attention has become harder than ever before.


Mobile has changed everything and publishers are now aware that distributing content across all platforms is essential. You can achieve this by following 9 simple steps to mobilise your content effectively increasing your digital audience, engagement and reach.

Stage 1 - Use existing content or create new content from scratch.

1. Auto-tag from inDesign document using the ePublish plugin

2. Flow content into edible templates

3. Automated delivery to CMS for authoring



Stage 2 - Use the power of automation whilst retaining creative control. How?

4. Manage content within the ePublish CMS

5. Use the visual layout editor to add interactive elements, galleries and videos

6. Export content to web, ePublish app container or 3rd party


Stage 3 - Mobilise your content and reach your audience everywhere.

7. Publish branded apps to the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android)

8. Responsive HTML web version viewable across all screen sizes

9. Publish editions and continuous feeds to increase app engagement




By following these 9 simple steps you can publish edition-based apps, responsive websites and continuous feeds all from a single layout. Make your content more accessible, discoverable and readable, whilst still retaining full creative control.


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