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Content Prioritisation: How to Put 20% Effort in to Produce 80% of the Results

Whether you’re trying to boost brand awareness, attract customers or promote a new product line, the text, graphics, videos and images you use will have a huge impact on the success of your campaign.

austin-distel-uPK2TbJlvMQ-unsplash-1Ideally, you want every word you write, blog you post and image you promote to hit its mark. The more effective your content is, the better your results will be and the more you’ll get back from each piece of content you publish.

There is a way however to boost your return on investment even more, and that’s called content prioritisation. If you properly prioritise your content, you could find that you’re getting considerably more back than you put in, something that’s guaranteed to help improve your results and boost your business.

What a lot of business owners aim for is an 80/20 split between effort and results. Known as the 80/20 Rule, or the Pareto Principle, this describes how 20% of the effort you put in produces 80% of your business’ results. Working out which 20% it is you need to focus on will help you to streamline your marketing strategy, maximise sales and ensure you’re really making the most of the opportunities available.

What content generates the most sales and sales leads?

According to recent research from Smart Insights, the type of content that produces the most leads is a research report. The study showed that publishing research reports was the best way for businesses to generate leads and convert these leads into sales, something that’s essential for any business that wants to maximise their content.

Your research reports should be industry focused, insightful and offer your customers a wealth of information. The more comprehensive your report is, the more likely your customers will be to perceive your company as a thought leader within your industry. Ideally, you should choose a subject that’s easy to disseminate via blogs and social media. If you can use statistics, observations and quotes from your report across different platforms, you’ll be able to get an even better return on your investment.

Once your expert reputation has been established, you’re likely to see continuous improvement in your results and a corresponding boost in sales.

If you don’t have time to produce a research report, videos, webinars, case studies and infographics all offer good results when it comes to generating leads.

What content should you produce first?

If you’re launching a brand-new business, you first need to focus on producing rudimentary content. After all, if your customers can’t find your company description, product details or contact information, they’re unlikely to make a purchase or recommend your business to their friends.

Make sure your website contains all relevant information and spend some time populating your social media profiles with photos, bios and other relevant details. Once you’ve got your essential information online, it’s time to think about content prioritisation.

Visual content is incredibly important when it comes to marketing. As well as helping to grab viewers’ attention and engage potential clients, good quality photos and graphics will give your business a clear identity. Invest in professional photos, videos and digital visuals for your site and social media profiles if you want to get as much back from your content marketing campaign as possible.

Is all content equal?

As long as you’re not using black hat SEO techniques, or spamming your followers with irrelevant posts, no content is irrelevant. Even basic blog posts and website pages will help to tell search engines what your site is about and contribute to your SEO value.

However, some types of content are much more productive than others and it’s these that you need to prioritise. If you’ve already started posting on your website, blog or social media profiles, take a minute to look at your results to see where most of your leads and conversions are coming from. If you’re just about to upload content for the first time, try to prioritise content that’s informative, engaging and original.

How to choose your cornerstone theme?

When producing new content, it’s important that you focus on themes that are relevant to your business, your customers and your industry. Think about the type of content that you normally engage with when you’re looking at posts related to your business. Often, this will be content that has a strong visual element as people are generally more likely to engage with posts that instantly catch their eye. What’s more, people are more likely to retain the information you post if it’s coupled with a relevant image. In fact, almost a third of marketers say visual images are the most important form of marketing, with photos, videos and graphics incredibly effective at generating interest and driving traffic to an ecommerce site.

Once you’ve started posting on social media and your website, make sure you monitor what type of content gets the best results. Continually analysing the impact of your marketing endeavours will help you to prioritise your content and find the strategy that brings you the best results for the least effort.

How to increase your sales through content?

If you’re posting engaging, informative content on a regular basis, it should naturally lead to an increase in traffic and a boost in sales. However, you can help the process along by making your content interactive, adding calls to action at the bottom of your posts and closely linking your content to your products and services.

When writing a blog or putting together a social media post, think about how you can relate it to your business, your industry or your products. This will help to ensure everything you post has a purpose and give you better results from your content marketing campaign.

Content prioritisation is an important part of marketing. Helping you to streamline your approach, maximise your marketing efforts and get a good return on your investment, prioritising effective content is one of the best ways of boosting sales and growing your business.

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