Rhapsody, the UK’s leading media production agency, has developed eVisualise, a cloud-based, campaign targeting tool, providing enhanced customer insight and the delivery of more precise direct marketing campaigns.  

eVisualise is designed to address the complexity that marketers now face in managing a multitude of different data sources and often do not have easy visibility to determine customer selections for specific campaigns. eVisualise simplifies campaign selection with intuitive, real time dashboards.

eVisualise provides a series of interactive dashboards which sit on top of existing databases and bring the data to life within a Single Customer View. Clients can supply data from a variety of sources including existing CRM databases, Excel workbooks or email marketing platforms and draw upon the expertise of Rhapsody’s in-house data services team, who will clean, consolidate and analyse the data to subsequently produce a set of bespoke dashboards.

Within eVisualise users can view purchasing behaviour, sales trends, demographic insights and customer interactions in an intuitive, user-friendly manor. The data can be used in multiple ways such as; prospect targeting, loyalty programme communication or customer reactivation messages. These more intelligent selections can increase the accuracy and effectiveness of direct marketing campaigns.

Tim Moscow, Managing Director, Rhapsody, said:

“We are really proud of eVisualise, the latest in Rhapsody’s suite of bespoke software solutions, which enables marketers to perform complex data analysis with ease. eVisualise represents an affordable, marketing campaign tool giving users a powerful competitive advantage to better use customer data for an improved return on their marketing investment.”

To book a free one-to-one demonstration of eVisualise email the Rhapsody team: data@rhapsodymedia.co.uk