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Future Proofing Your Business: How B2C Companies Can Get More Customers

Customers are crucial to the success of any business, we all know that. But this is especially true when it comes to B2C companies, where working on getting more customers is vital to surviving in the long term. For consumer products, the goal is to continually improve and increase your audience, offering a product they will continue to purchase for years to come. But when it comes to putting this into practice, what should businesses be doing to entice new customers, and retain their existing ones?


There are many methods that B2C companies use to get more customers. From expert marketing to rebranding, there are thousands of tried-and-true ways to temporarily enhance those sales figures. But when it comes to offering a permanent boost to your audience figures and making sales better than ever, B2C companies need to go above and beyond to appeal to their customers. In this article, we take a closer look at the ways that companies can attract more customers, improve their sales and make their business a long-lasting success.

Read on to find out more about the ways B2C businesses can get more customers, and succeed within their niche.


The first stage to success in the B2C market is doing your research. For many companies, this means investing in and exploring their existing customer base, as well as taking a look at the trends and audience surrounding their niche. Any good marketing strategy should start with gaining insight in your sector and understanding into what your customers are looking for. After all, they are the people that buy your products – which makes their opinion even more important. Customer reviews can be one way B2C companies can access detailed information about what their existing customers want. 

For new businesses, focusing that research on the demographics and lifestyle behaviours of your target audience can be equally valuable. Social media can be particularly useful for this, offering an easy way to gain insight into audiences and demographics for similar products. For companies of all sizes, having the data to back up your business choices can help you to make the right decisions the first time. While there is something to say about following your instinct when it comes to attracting customers, there’s far more value in having qualitative data to back up those decisions.


If what your competition is doing in the market is working, it’s tempting to follow in their footsteps. But often, focusing too much on what other brands are doing can lead to confused messaging and businesses that look far too similar to one another. To get more customers, it’s more important to stand out from the crowd than to blend in. Certain things – such as brand values, customer commitments and product quality – have value from being the same or better than your competitors. But when it comes to branding, style and marketing, standing out from the crowd is far more profitable.

Customer service, healthy relationships and honesty are highly-valued areas that B2C businesses can deliver on. Differentiate your business by focusing on these areas, and you’ll soon be attracting new customers. Standing out from your competition isn’t just about the visuals; it’s also about the message you’re sending, and even the audience you’re targeting. If your competition has a particular market captive, then look outside the box at connected or similar fields to gain greater success. Setting yourself apart from what other brands offer can help to create that loyal customer base, which in turn can attract new customers. You just have to do the groundwork first to get there.

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For a modern B2C business, branding can make all the difference in increasing your audience. With even B2B companies now wising up to the fact that branding is a necessity, not a luxury, the way we view businesses is more visual than ever before. Even the most prominent companies around need to keep up with the times when it comes to branding to stay relevant – and your business is no exception. With social media marketing and video content bigger than ever before, choosing an on-point brand and sticking with it is a must for long term success.

Branding is, of course, subjective to your industry. This is because the audience for one product will be different from others – meaning different tastes, perspectives and customer opinions. While dusky pinks and palm leaves are on-trend for the millennial audience, the same can’t be said for advertising aimed at 40+ demographics. Creating on-point branding means knowing your audience, understanding what they want and delivering on it. By investing in excellent brand content, including packaging, marketing and even in-house advertising, it’s possible to create a unified, consistent image your audience will love. 


Customers are more conscious of the carbon footprint of their purchases than ever before. Whether you’re selling food products, homeware or clothing, offering a promise to your customers to be greener will attract a new set of loyal customers. Prove to them that your eco credentials are not just a fad for your business and you’ll have a customer for life. If you can invest in recyclable or biodegradable packaging, offer a commitment to be more sustainable and even gain vegan or cruelty-free status, then you can easily differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Brand identity is about more than just the graphic design and chosen colours of your company marketing. It’s about the perception customers - and potential customers – have of your product. For many B2C businesses, you’re selling a lifestyle as much as you are an item. Branding your products as green, environmentally friendly and responsible is one way to do so; and is kind to the planet as well as appealing to your audience.



If you’re not taking advantage of modern forms of marketing, then you’re not doing everything you can to get more customers. With social media now one of the top form of advertising worldwide, it’s no surprise that taking advantage of the platforms can lead to a serious boost in new customers. According to Adobe Digital, in 2018 social media lead to 3x more non-customers to visit retailers from social media in comparison to existing customers. This means brand awareness and visibility of your B2C business can increase as much as threefold by directly investing a little into advertising via platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Of course, modern marketing isn’t just about straight advertising. Understanding the value of new forms of marketing, such as influencers, can be of great importance for B2C businesses. Choosing influencers that fit your brand, and expand your audience, can be an excellent way to increase your customers. This goes hand-in-hand with creating on-point branding, enabling you to connect and resonate with the audience of your choice. On social media, aesthetics are everything; so why not take advantage of that when it comes to your digital marketing.

If you’re struggling to get more customers as a B2C brand, Rhapsody Media might be the company you need to succeed in an ever-evolving market. We’re equipped with the industry know-how and experience to help you get more customers and achieve your sales goals with on-brand marketing and high-quality content. Get in contact with us today to find out how our services could help your business.

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