In light of research that shows how much content is consumed on mobile, EL Gazette (ELG) wanted to engage with readers across all screen sizes and devices but to achieve this without the need for additional resources.

They wanted to replace their existing PDF based page-turner with something that could further the reach of their content, and deliver a stronger reading experience. Finally they wanted to create an environment that would be attractive to advertisers and sponsors, so they could see a return on their investment whilst experimenting with finding the best digital solution.

Here's an infographic of their main objectives, the solution and the results which helped to achieve an increase of 1050% views via their new mobile app!

reach new audience with a responsive app [infographic]


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Publishers need to experiment with digital and one of the ways to do is, is through a responsive app.

Do you want to increase your mobile views, deliver a stronger reader experience and improve your ROI just like EL Gazette?