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How to Engage Your Audience via Apps with Editions & Continuous Content

One of the biggest reasons publisher apps have underperformed in an increasingly digital landscape, is because they haven't delivered content in a way that consumers are now used to receiving it. If you think about your ‘go-to’ apps i.e. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you know there will be fresh content whenever you open it. This ensures users form a habit of checking in regularly and it results in a personalised feed of news from an eclectic mix.

In order to keep this feed eclectic and informative it relies on content from trusted sources, so publishers need to continue what they’ve always done, creating fantastic content that audiences want to read!

This is how content will be shared and ultimately discovered, leading to new users.


Publishers then need to ensure that they have friendly and effective media channels that help them monetise their audience like their magazine and website. An app is another example of an owned channel that can be monetised.

When content apps first appeared they updated at the same frequency as the magazine, they were led by the publishing schedule of a print format in the hope it would work digitally. Early apps were square pegs in round holes, an afterthought, a hit and hope!

If you are still sceptical about the app publishing opportunity, read here why publishers should start to trust apps again.

In order to engage your audience via apps, it stands to reason they should dovetail with the workflow of the magazine, after all for many publishers the reality is they still make the majority of their revenue from print! However, publishers can balance the print and digital more effectively by choosing the right platform provider. Use print ready files to create editions but create exclusive content for digital and automated feeds of website content that update automatically, so require no additional work or resource. 

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With feed generated content you can deliver content to your app automatically every time you post a new story to your website. Your users get to know there is always new content in the app in between the issues so learn to open the app on a regular basis.

Examples of continuous content feeds:

  • Latest news
  • App exclusive features (to boost downloads)
  • Reviews
  • Sales promotion (ecommerce)
  • Events (breaking news/announcements in the run up to an event)
  • Aggregate social channel sources

The higher frequency of relevant content will deepen engagement with your audience which of course can lead to monetisation.

App usage is on the rise, a recent report from AppAnnie shows that between 30 and 40 apps are opened monthly and over 10 apps per day are used in the UK.

So even if your app is not the first your users open on a daily basis, it can be the 3rd, 4th or 5th space they turn to which can still result in significant traction.

When choosing your mobile publishing provider, ensure you can affordably experiment with continuous publishing, look for existing examples or ask if they can build you a demo app to see how your own content will look and feel inside the app.

Make sure your content publishing platform allows you to concentrate on what you do best, making fantastic content that your audience wants to read!

It should dovetail with existing workflows, be manageable with existing resources and ensure your content reaches its audience everywhere. 

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