Dalston Drinks (529 x 310)

Supporting independent brands is something that we’re hugely passionate about here at Rhapsody. Supporting British brands with a great ethos and a story to tell? Even better. One such project was the recent photography shoot with Dalston’s Sodas. If you haven’t come across their craft sodas yet, you’re in for a treat. And if you have? You’ll know just how awesome they are.

Taking Soft Drinks To The Next Level

Set up in an East London nightclub by founder Duncan O’Brien in 2012, Dalston’s was born out of a desire to offer Londoners interesting soft drink options using locally-sourced ingredients. Duncan’s previous life as a chef on the Orient Express served him well, and soon his hand-mixed sodas were satisfying a huge demand in London.

With demand came expansion: a new warehouse and new business partners in the form of co-founder Dan Broughton and industry investor Giles Brook.

The Secret Ingredient

Of course, Dalston’s expansion wasn’t simply down to luck. There had to be a secret ingredient to their success, and in this case, it was due to staying true to their roots. As such, all recipes are developed in-house by Duncan. Their latest flavoured sparkling water range contains real squeezed British fruit, spring water and distilled botanicals, no added sugar and nothing artificial allowed. Exactly as it should be.

With twelve flavours in their current line-up, consisting of everything from the charmingly retro Ginger Beer through to the revitalising Elderflower Light, staying true to their original recipe ethos and using only the best ingredients has given Dalston’s that extra sparkle within the soft drinks market.

Dalston Drinks

Refreshingly Responsible

It’s not just the flavours that leave you feeling good, either. Dalston’s walk the walk and talk the talk with their can-do attitude towards saving the environment. The brand is committed to reducing their single use plastic use, and as such, not only pack all of their sodas in aluminium cans, but also use cardboard to house their multipacks.

Aluminium cans have achieved a recycling rate of 72%, a rate which continues to grow each year, making them a sustainable packaging option. Furthermore, they take up less space during transit, further helping to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint, and causing Dalston’s to be at the forefront when it comes to being FMCG eco-warriors.

Pictures That Pop

Dalston Drinks (529 x 310)4

It’s no secret that we love supporting local brands, and the fit with Dalston’s was apparent immediately. The Dalston’s team are based just down the road from our Shoreditch studio, and applying our creative thinking to their creativity within the culinary soda field came naturally.

The shoot consisted of multiple products from the range, each shot and styled at our in-house photographic studio in Shoreditch. The imagery was then retouched, cut out and profiled for print, social media and online usage.

EMEA Account Director Lloyd Hayzer comments:

“It was a pleasure to welcome Dalston’s into the studio. At Rhapsody, we’re all about helping independent brands stand out from the crowd. We look forward to contributing to their continued success.”

If you haven’t checked out Dalston’s yet, what are you waiting for? Adding the sparkle into the London soda scene, they’re a drink you definitely won’t feel guilty about indulging in!

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