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Pitch Perfect: the Power of Voice Apps for Publishers and Brands

Spoken-word tech assistants are becoming ever more ubiquitous, with almost unprecedented growth over the past five years alone.  

The evidence is compelling.  Earlier this year, Amazon revealed statistics that point to more than 100 million Alexa-enabled devices worldwide.  Meanwhile, Google Assistant devices total over 400 million.

All this points to a simple fact: if you want to remain relevant in our rapid-fire, data-driven world, you can’t afford not to give your brand a powerful new voice.  

Rather than simply asking about today’s weather, or playing a favourite music track, a dedicated voice app gives users the ability to curate and control their interactions with your brand or publication.

On behalf of our clients, through Rhapsody’s cutting-edge voice app technology, simple spoken commands will deliver the latest headlines, breaking news, lists, ideas, and all the information that matters the most to each individual user.  

Such personalised, conversational interactions don’t just allow easy access to your published content and marketing materials, they are the foundations of ongoing brand engagement and loyalty.  

There are endless additional benefits to harnessing the power of voice technology. Highlights include:

Refined content provision

Offering your users the information they actually want removes the element of guesswork from your content provision strategy.  Getting to know your audience in such an interactive way will naturally lead to stronger, more relevant marketing activity.  

Your app could provide immediate information, or open a pathway to relevant navigation or subscription options, depending on the publication, selected topic, and user preference.

Wider audience reach

By moving beyond the scope of traditional marketing channels, you will open your brand or publication up to millions more users – and an accompanying wealth of brand-new marketing and advertising opportunities.

You’ll be more likely to take precedence in search results, too.  Both Alexa and Google Assistant have started to prioritise voice apps in response to certain queries.  This is only set to increase, as voice technology becomes more prevalent. 

Reliable data analysis

Your voice app will work hard on your behalf, continuously collecting intelligent insights that analyse user behaviour and demonstrate all the ways in which your audience interacts with your brand.  

Data highlights include sentiment analysis, involving the tone and pitch used in a request for information, and conversational ‘pathing’ that shows what actions users have taken throughout the process.

Results are summarised and displayed on an easy-to-navigate dashboard, giving you the opportunity to continuously improve your user experience.

Future-proofing for your brand

Voice technology may be growing rapidly – the consumer adoption curve is faster than both mobile and internet – but it’s still relatively new.  This gives your brand an early opportunity to harness its immense power and potential.

With almost 25% of users already using a smart speaker to keep updated with the world around them, the future of the voice app is assured.

For one thing, apps are as mobile as we are, which gives them a distinct advantage over static smart speakers.  

In summary: harnessing the power of voice technology means your users will be able to access the exact content they’re looking for, in just the way they want it, just about anywhere they choose.

Isn’t it about time you added your voice to this growing tech revolution?

Speak to Rhapsody Media about how we can make your content work harder for you, across voice apps and beyond. Contact us here for an informal discussion about how our voice app technology could work for your business too.

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