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Webinar: Post-Covid Marketing Trends. Marketing 2021+

As life returns to normal in the wake of the pandemic, it’s time to start thinking about how we’ll be interacting with audiences in the future.

In a webinar with the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce we set out to do just that, with an analysis of post-Covid trends in marketing communications. The aim? Helping your brand to be as prepared as possible for what’s ahead. The webinar – of which you can watch a recording below – provided useful insights to help you shape your marketing strategy for the next year and beyond.


During the webinar, our speakers covered a number of trends, including the convenience economy. As we return to a sense of normality, consumers are looking for solutions to make life easier whether that’s robot vacuum cleaners or recipe boxes.


We also discussed brands going green. The end of the pandemic has coincided with an increased awareness of climate change and the realisation that both brands and consumers need to take action. This is going to have profound repercussions on the lives of consumers, who will be focusing on everything from work-life balance to choosing local brands over global ones.  


Missed the webinar? Watch the seven-minute video of the most interesting moments to discover the topics we covered and get insights from our expert speakers.

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