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Post - Covid Positives

From the news to our social feeds, in a post-COVID world, negativity is everywhere you turn. Concerning statistics about job losses, a global recession and the resulting effects on society’s mental health would be enough to send anyone into a panic, but being the agency known for its #positiveoutlook, Rhapsody want to do away with the dark clouds and showcase the sunshine. Because even at this difficult time, there is so much to be thankful for. 


We hope that seeing all of those uplifting facts in one place comes as a breath of fresh air. For perhaps the biggest positive to come out of COVID-19 is that it’s been a global experience, felt by everyone on the planet regardless of race, gender, age or class. It has been enriching for the environment and for humankind, bringing out our charitable side and making us appreciate just how precious it is to see our loved ones or eat at our favourite restaurant. Never again will we take those little joys for granted. As we navigate the COVID-19 aftermath with a heightened sense of community, keep this graphic in mind, for every cloud has a silver lining. From getting your bake on, to finally downloading the Coach to 5K app, tell us about your post-COVID positives here.


If your brand could benefit from a little Rhapsody positivity at this time, get in touch to find out how we can help. From creating digital experiences to website redesign, copywriting, translation services and more, we are armed with a team of upbeat experts ready to turn your frown upside down. 

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