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Webinar: Feel the power at your fingertips

It’s no secret: the way we use social media platforms has changed during the pandemic. You possibly noticed a shift in the way you use social media yourself… Maybe you spent more time scrolling or perhaps you jumped on the TikTok bandwagon? You might even have purchased a product via Instagram for the first time.

When users change their habits, businesses have to adapt: this is why we decided to make social media the focus point of our latest webinar. Watch the recording to find out how to capitalise on social media for e-commerce and engagement.

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Hear from four speakers, Rhapsody team members who talk to clients on social media questions on a daily basis. Armed with all the latest information on social media, they bring their in-depth expertise and practical experience to this webinar. 

Whether you’re looking to boost your sales or increase engagement (or both!), their top tips on specific platforms could be just the information you need to really hit those goals.

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Missed the webinar? Watch the recording below to discover how you can harness social media to boost your business.

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