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Webinar: Video Gains

If you had to guess, what percentage of all digital content in 2019 do you think was made up by video? It’s more than you might think.  For the answer to this question and more in-depth insights on video content, you should check out our latest webinar Video Gains: how to make the most of video content below.


Not only is video content consumed in huge volumes now, it’s growing every day. Even better, it’s shareable, which means that for every video campaign you engage with, you become part of an in-the-know community. Brands who aren’t exciting and inspiring customers with video content are quickly going to be left behind in favour of those that do. If you’ve neglected video up until now, it’s not too late! Rhapsody is here to help with all your video content needs.


In the webinar we provide compelling evidence to explain why video content is such an integral part of a modern day marketing strategy. Not only that, but we talk you through some key case studies where we produced excellent video content for clients that was liked, shared and generated an overwhelming audience response.


In addition, we give you a behind-the-scenes tour of our central Warsaw photo and video studio and unveil our remote hybrid shoot solution, which offers brands the opportunity to produce great content without even being in the room.


At just 42 minutes in length, this is one webinar that packs a real content punch. Let us know what you think and if you’d like to discuss our video and photography services further, please do get in touch.

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