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See The Light - Webinar Registration

Our expert panel is looking forward to discussing the top ten marketing trends you’ll expect to see over the next year and beyond
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Thank you for your interest in our webinar See the Light: Marketing trends for a changing world which takes place on Wednesday 12th May 2020, 11am-12pm BST. To register, please fill in the information requested in the column on the right.

We look forward to revealing the top ten trends marketers need to know to succeed in the new normal, along with a host of other valuable insights. Can’t wait to see you there.

Hosted by Helen Howell (Campaigns Services Director) with speakers Matt Zaremba (Communication Strategy Director) and a panel of Rhapsody guests from four key audience generations, you will learn:


    • Why green alertness is so relevant in today’s society
    • How your brand can work with partners and competitors to increase engagement
    • Why the convenience economy is thriving to suit the needs of an overworked middle class
    • How the latest marketing trends affect every generation from Boomers to Gen Z


Webinar Hosts

Matt Zaremba v2
Matt Zaremba
Communication Strategy Director
Helen Howell v2
Helen Howell
Campaigns Services Director


Jamie_Mead-1-1 copy
Jamie Bitmead
Senior Designer
Sally McIlhone
Sally McIlhone
Head of Editorial
Rhapsody_Andy-1-1 copy
Andy Berg
Rhapsody_Dave-1-1 copy
Dave Bibby
Managing Director

The webinar will start in