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Webinar: See The Light

As restrictions ease around the world, our in-depth consumer analysis will help your brand to be as prepared as possible for what’s ahead. For an hour of your time, Rhapsody’s insights could help inform your marketing strategy for the next year and beyond - for free. Bargain.

As we begin to bounce back after a year of change, there has been a shift in media consumption habits and spending across every consumer age group. Millennials are more keen than any other generation to get back to the real world, Gen X are discovering the benefits of Instagram as a sales tool and Boomers are getting to grips with QR codes.


As we rediscover the habits of our target audience, it helps to have real world examples to link the statistics and theory to, and see them in action. Thankfully, members of the Rhapsody team representing each age group joined us at our most recent webinar See The Light: Marketing Trends for a Changing World to share their insights and bring the facts to life.


In addition, our hosts Helen Howell (Campaigns Services Director) and Matt Zaremba (Communication Strategy Director) gave an overview of the top ten key consumer and business trends that will affect marketing strategy in 2021 and beyond. 

If you missed the webinar, no need to worry. Watch our recording below to make the most of these valuable insights.


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