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This Time it's Personal: How to Tell Your Brand Story Now

Now more than ever, video has become a key tool in brand storytelling. Visuals with an emotional core resonate with audiences, even more so when the customer becomes part of the story, too.

The media consumption habits of audiences have changed in recent years, with the vast majority of the generations engaging in a variety of different media, as well as a pronounced increase among many consumers in the time spent on a laptop or phone screen at home. As a result, companies have to consider these factors when it comes to brand storytelling. 

On the one hand, businesses are increasingly looking to put out digestible video-based brand content with an emotional core because of its cross-generational appeal. On the other, brands are also being encouraged to focus their attention on a specific target audience rather than take a homogenised approach. Why? Because people want to feel that their favourite brands’ communication strategies aren't mass-produced but are bespoke and personal to them as individuals. As a result, there are plenty of challenges to telling your brand story now. However, our latest webinar is ready to come to the rescue. Hosted by Helen Howell (Campaigns Services Director) with speakers Matt Zaremba (Communication Strategy Director) and Jamie Rankin (Creative Director) it uses Rhapsody’s own case studies to show how we helped our clients build their brand story and create a dialogue with their audience. Watch the webinar recording here:


Let us know what you think of the webinar here. As you build your brand story, if Rhapsody can offer our advice and expertise, please get in touch. 

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