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Webinar: Harder, Better, Faster, Smarter

Saving money is something on everyone’s minds right now so there’s never been a better time to watch our free webinar "Harder, better, faster, smarter: is your business ready for the next challenge?". 

Brands can also take inspiration from the actions of key industry players, for example the high entertainment industries (theatre, opera and so on), who quickly embraced online performances and enlisted the help of high profile actors to keep the conversation going during lockdown, helping to mitigate potential losses. Again, being quick to adapt and maintaining that regular connection with your audience, no matter their location, has helped certain sectors endure.
At the core of all of these lessons is the ability to embrace change and it's this theme that has shaped the content of our recent webinars. With our consultancy services, Rhapsody has helped many clients to embrace changes to their workflows and processes in order to make cost and time efficiencies. In the webinar, Strategic Business Director Dave Bibby discussed key case studies where Rhapsody initiated positive change and contributed to the ongoing success of the businesses in question. Dave highlighted that change - especially the volume of change we have all experienced recently - can be intimidating and worrisome but it can also lead to huge positives. If there are areas within your business that seem overly complicated or time-consuming, perhaps it's time for a health check.
For more information about navigating change and Rhapsody’s consultative approach, watch the full webinar below:
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