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Webinar: The Content Cure


We know the feeling. You have an idea that you know your customers will love - a new piece of content that will engage their emotions, appeal to their appetite for visual media and catch their attention. You just need the means to showcase this idea in the best possible way.

In our latest webinar, The Content Cure: how to increase engagement, interaction and sales with a digital experience, we advocate for the Ceros platform. Why? Because it’s cost-effective, quick-to-market, versatile and appeals to a consumer’s need for dynamic, engaging visuals. What would you say if we told you that an interactive digital experience could be created in a matter of weeks for an average of between £5,000-£15,000? Have we got your attention? Great.

Watch the webinar to see a wide range of the types of digital experience Rhapsody have produced recently, and to find out more from our guest speaker, James Morris, CMO of, about what producing a digital experience with Ceros did for his business.

We are offering any interested companies the opportunity to have a free one-day Ceros workshop with Rhapsody, so bring us that idea and let us make it a reality.


Click on the video below to watch the webinar in full. As ever, if you have any questions please get in touch.

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